Women of Trachis is an Athenian tragedy by  Sophocles presenting a female character, Deianeira, the wife of Heracles. The drama can be considered to be a powerful study of a female typology – the jealous woman. The plot of the play can be divided into two portions. The first is dominated by Deianeira, while Hercules dominates the second. Deianeira accuses his husband of neglecting his family, because of his rare visits and often adventures. While Heracles is involved in a battle, his wife sends their son, Hyllus to find him, as she is concerned about Heracles faith. Shortly after Hyllus leaves a messenger arrives telling that Heracles is victorious in his recent battle and that he was coming home soon. Lichas, a companion of Heracles, brings in some slave girls, captured from a recent battle, and tells Deianeira Heracles attacked that city because Eurytus enslaved Heracles and her husband wanted revenge. One of the slaves is Iole, daughter of Eurytus. Deianeira soon finds out the true story, that Heracles laid siege to the city, just to obtain Iole.
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